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Five Special Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life

Posted by Carson Bentley on Aug 4, 2014

Have you been seeking a special gift for a traveler in your life?  You know, the one that seems to always have the best travel photos on Facebook and great stories to share about their adventures. Well, the following are five special gifts...

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Avoiding the Gutter

Pins When you’re first getting started, sinking gutter ball after gutter ball can take its toll on your self-confidence. With these tips, you’ll have everything you need to improve!

Wrist Positions

Strike You may not realize it, but the position of your wrist can make all the difference in your game. Try these different positions and see how they work!

Getting a Strike

Multiple Lanes Once you’ve reduced your risk of getting a gutter ball, you may be ready to try your hand at a strike. These tips will give you the edge you need!